Strategic Cyber Sourcing
Make informed decisions quickly - without tying up in house resources

The team at FortNet UK are passionate about enabling users to understand what cyber security services are available to them quickly without their teams spending hours researching the market. With IT departments already working to capacity at a time when there is an explosion of niche and innovative cyber technologies, FortNet UK provides a vital evaluation and comparison service. This allows clients to identify the right solutions quickly, and at the same time levelling out the playing field between the start- ups, SMEs and large security vendors.

Why more and more clients are turning to Strategic Security Sourcing:

  • Explosive vendor growth has led to complete information overload
  • Search fatigue means users are exhausted and untrusting of vendors when looking for the right solution
  • Clarity – users have been unable to find a uniform standard for vendor analysis, one based on something more than just marketing & sales from each vendor… until now.

Our Service

FortNet UK offers a truly comprehensive and independent strategic sourcing service at a fraction of the cost of major consultancies. Specialising solely in cyber security, we are researching new products all the time and have developed a broad understanding of the pros and cons of the different technologies available and alternative approaches to resolving the same issues.

FortNet’s Strategic Cyber Sourcing service ensures you keep to your project timescales, assists you in finding new technologies, and allows your IT/Cyber team to continue performing their day job safe in the knowledge that the project requirements are being met.

Emerging Technologies- introduced and key features explained especially in relation to your own requirements

Tailor our service to suit your needs – we can support you wherever you are in the procurement process.

Project Timescales are met- harness the resources of FortNet to help you deploy new and innovative but correct solutions for your organisation.

Truly agnostic product comparisons to help make informed decisions – we are not affiliated to any vendor and can introduce you to any technology or product that works for you.

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